Culpepper’s Rebellion

Culpepper4The 4th book in the Culpepper Saga,

“Culpepper’s Rebellion”

John Culpepper thought he had done right by his family when he married off his niece to his childhood friend, Sir William Berkeley, the governor of Virginia. When his cousin Nathaniel Bacon appeared and began an uprising against Berkeley, John was caught in the middle. He did everything in his power to advise his friend, protect his niece, and honor the crown.

He was unaware that during Bacon’s rebellion, his own son was planning a rebellion in Carolina. John had spent most of his life defying his father and the status quo, but when his son was arrested and charged with treason, he was forced to examine every idea he held about his life and his past. The legal training John had rebelled against in his youth would now be the only thing standing between his son’s life and death.

“Culpepper’s Rebellion” is the fourth book in the Culpepper Saga and is the story of John Culpepper, the progenitor of the modern-day American Culpeppers. He was my 10th great-grandfather.

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