The Legend of Stuckey’s Bridge

The Legend of Stuckey’s Bridge

by Lori Crane

The first book in the Stuckey’s Bridge Trilogy

Featured on

“Most Terrifying Places in America”

on the Travel Channel 

October 4, 2020 at 4 Eastern/3 Central


Stuckey's cover_webIn 1901, the Virginia Bridge & Iron Company began re-building a fifty-year-old Mississippi bridge. In the middle of the project, they began discovering bodies buried on the banks of the river.

Legend has it, he was so evil, he was even thrown out of the notorious Dalton Gang. Years later, he opened an inn near the river, and on foggy nights, boatmen witnessed him pacing back and forth across the bridge, waving his lantern, offering travelers a hot meal and a soft bed.

Those unfortunate enough to take him up on the hospitality were often never seen again.

To this day, eerie experiences are still reported around the bridge that now bears his name. If you travel down to Stuckey’s Bridge, be careful, for not much else is known about the man locals refer to as Old Man Stuckey…until now.


5-star-large5 Stars! The Legend of Stuckey’s Bridge by Lori Crane is a page-turning winner. Thomas Stuckey is a killer. It is the only way of life he knows and cares about. He rode with the famous Dalton Brothers, robbing banks, but he was too evil even for them, so he struck out on his own. After years of drifting and killing, running and hiding, he decides the time is right to settle down. He builds an inn in Mississippi that is between the road and the river. Once his inn is built, he walks on the foggy bridge at night with his lantern, inviting boaters who are on their way to Louisiana with cotton and goods to sell, or who are on their way home with their gold. Very few guests leave the inn alive. He gets away with these killings until in 1901 the bridge is under reconstruction and dead bodies start turning up. 

Lori Crane has written a book based on the happenings still reported around Stuckey’s Bridge and turned it into a brilliant work of fiction. This book has suspense, murder, creepiness, and surprises. It was impossible to see the last page coming and it was the perfect ending. The Legend of Stuckey’s Bridge grabs your attention on page one and keeps you on the edge of your seat till you reach the end. Lori Crane has written a nail-biter that will keep you up all night. This is a five star winner and Lori Crane is a must-read author. ~Trudi LoPreto for Readers’ Favorite

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