Another Day, Another Dollar Two Ninety Eight

As with everyone else in the Good Ole U S of A, I’m sooo broke….

(insert crowd) How broke are you?

I’m so broke, I can’t even pay attention.

Da, Bum, Dum!

Yeah, money is tight. Tighter than usual. Waaayyy tighter than usual.

Hubby took a 10% pay cut. I took a $15k lesser paying job, then a 10% pay cut on top of that. I usually make a very good living playing music professionally whether I currently maintain a day job or not, but with everyone else being tight also, there aren’t many music jobs to be had. A few here and there, but it’s more like pizza money, than anything substantial.

So, we all sat down at the dining room table and had a meeting. We decided as a family “business”, we needed to cut our expenses. We got rid of the land line, since we all have cell phones. We got rid of the gym membership, since we seldom use it anyway. We got rid of the DVR and HD TV. I think hubby is going to cry over that one.

That’s about all we could cut. We stopped going out to dinner a long, long time ago. And, I’m not much of a mall shopper, so we don’t have store bills.

So, to top it all off, the boy graduated from high school this week, and I needed to get him a present. Six years ago, I bought his sister a 2003 Jeep Liberty for graduation. I had money then. I paid cash.

Now, what in the world can I do for the boy when I have nothing??


How about this????….



He can’t get the smile off his face.

I charged it.


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