Grandpa and Google Calendar

For quite a while I’ve been thinking it would be nice to have all of my ancestor’s birthdays, death dates, and marriage dates in one place. I often find that a great great grandma’s birthday was yesterday, and I missed it. I considered a monthly paper calendar, but that wouldn’t work come next year when the days of the week change.

Also, for some time, I have been confused about what to do with my Google Calendar. I messed around with it, adding family birthdays and my work schedule, but then I never really used it, because I already know family birthdays and my work schedule.

Well, they go together like chocolate and peanut butter, don’t ya think? What a great idea!

I have run into a small problem, however. I spent an hour the other day just putting the parents and grandparents information on there. I have almost 9,000 people in my family tree dating ridiculously far back. Do you know how long this is going to take?? And, where does it stop? In laws? Friends? Ugh. Just what I need, another time-consuming project.

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