A to Z Challenge – I’m late – Here’s A, B, and C

Blogging from A to Z April 2013 Challenge

Apparently people around here are doing fun things, and I’ve been so busy I’m missing out.

The challenge is to blog alphabetically from A to Z through the month of April – excluding Sundays. That makes 26 blogs in 26 days using 26 letters. Okay, I got this! I need to catch up on A, B and C though, so here it is.

A is for Ancestry

I’m an ancestry and genealogy nut. It is a time-consuming hobby that takes over your life and causes you to spend more time with dead people than living people. You voluntarily give up sleep, food, and going to the restroom. The most amazing thing I’ve learned is that life is about those around you, which is in contradiction to the whole researching-your-ancestry process, but we all end up in the cemetery, and we all end up forgotten as time passes. What you do in the very short time between your birth and the cemetery is up to you.

unidentified rodgers

B is for Bars

I spend every evening in bars – not partying, though it is always a party, but playing. I’m a dueling piano player. I tell raunchy jokes, I sing songs with incorrect lyrics, and I lead massive, drunken sing-a-longs. My favorite part of the night is when the audience is hot, and their applause and cheering is deafening. Favorite song: The one with the most tip money on it. Favorite drink: Crown Royal. Favorite toast: “Here’s to relationships. They’re a lot like garage sales. They look good from the outside, but once you get in, you find it’s just a bunch of shit you don’t really need.”

lori vince wes summerfest milwaukee 2012

C is for Children

I have two. They are older now and are dating and on the brink of multiplying, so I will have more very soon, I’m sure. That’s enough on that subject.


Check the A to Z Challenge page and join in!!

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