A to Z Challenge – O is for Origami Owl

Blogging from A to Z April 2013 Challenge

O is for Origami Owl – I should get double points for that.

This is my new favorite thing. It’s jewelry. Guys! Don’t turn away here. It’s cute, it’s inexpensive, it’s online, she’ll love it.


You must purchase a locket. You may also want to purchase a chain, an inside disc for the locket, and a charm to hang off the chain. But here’s the best part. The charms that go inside the locket are generally $5. You can’t beat that price. It’s so affordable, you can change charms and styles on a whim.

I wanted one for myself but couldn’t decide on charms, so I bought one for my daughter instead. I know what she likes. I got a T for her boyfriend’s name, a dog for her puppy, an apple because she’s a teacher, a D and Z for her Delta Zeta sorority, and a few other cute things. I also got a heart-shaped charm to hang off the chain. That’s for her momma’s love. Awwww.

Sooooo cute!!

Click here to check out their site.

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