Monday Music Lesson – May 13, 2013

Monday Music Lesson

Confidence: The state of being certain that the chosen course of action is the correct one and the outcome will be positive.



The name of the game is confidence—not only in performance, but in all of life. Do you know why Victoria Secret models are awesome? Because they exude confidence.  Have you ever witnessed a business man in a suit strutting into a room, walking with determination, smiling at others as he passes? Confidence. You watch him and wonder if you will ever be that cool. You already are. Sit up straight, walk with good posture, dress nicely, hold your head high and look around you, smile at people. Confidence.

Now, apply that to your next performance or meeting or trip to the grocery store. Watch the reactions of people around you. They actually stare at you. Cool, huh?

The number one rule of confidence: Be Prepared.

For you music majors, this means practice, practice, practice. Do the work now so when it’s time to shine, you will. Luck has nothing to do with it. Being cool has nothing to do with it. It’s all about being prepared. Then you can wow them with your talent and your confidence.

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