Wednesday Writer’s Corner – May 22, 2013

Wednesday Writer’s Corner has been cancelled for this week. I apologize for any inconvenience. 😛

It’s actually my editor’s fault, not that she edits my blogs, but my new book was supposed to go to her on June 10, and she had a sudden cancellation, so it’s going to her on May 30. You wouldn’t think eleven days would make that big a difference, but HOLY COW!

I’m also recording the voice-over for the video trailer tonight and taking everyone involved out for Mexican to celebrate.

Oh…here’s the cover, designed by my fabulous designer, who also happens to be my trophy husband. I ♥ it! I added the blurb in case you’d like to see what it’s about. So excited! Okay, enough playing around…BACK TO WORK! Wish me luck.

Stuckey's cover_web

In 1901, the Virginia Bridge & Iron Company began re-building a fifty-year-old Mississippi bridge. In the middle of the project, they began discovering bodies buried on the banks of the river.

Legend has it, he was so evil, he was even thrown out of the notorious Dalton Gang. Years later, he opened an inn near the river, and on foggy nights, boatmen witnessed him pacing back and forth across the bridge, waving his lantern, offering travelers a hot meal and a soft bed.

Those unfortunate enough to take him up on his hospitality were often never seen again.

To this day, eerie experiences are still reported around the bridge that now bears his name. If you travel down to Stuckey’s Bridge, be careful, for not much else is known about the man locals refer to as Old Man Stuckey…until now.

“The Legend of Stuckey’s Bridge” coming June 2013 to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

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