Wednesday Writer’s Corner – Sept 4, 2013

1860614957_1375101769Are you a writer? How often do you write? How many words do you write when you sit down? Do you think you should write more than you do?

Do you know that the more you write, the faster and more prolific you become? Yeah, me too. I heard you. Your answer was, “Yes, but I don’t do it.”  So, try this… “750 Words”

This is a fun and awesome site for you to write 750 words per day in private. It is not a blog. No one else can see your blabbering. You can write a story or you can just brain-dump. It’s all up to you. Just write!

The cool thing is you get badges and awards for consecutive days, writing quickly and not being distracted, entering monthly challenges, points, points, points, badges, badges, badges. I am addicted to anything that even slightly resembles a game. And I think sometimes I get overwhelmed by my schedule and find it cleansing and therapeutic to dump all that crap out of my brain.

When you’re done for the day, it even gives you stats, graphs, and pie charts to let you know what your thinking about and what’s weighing most heavy on your mind. Today, my stats came up as PG13, containing either swearing, sexual content, or violence. I swear I didn’t say anything that was even close to any of those, but whatev…it’s fun to look at.

I’m hooked!


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