Wednesday Writer’s Corner – Swag-o-Rama


Swag Swag Swag!!! I love Swag!!!

What is Swag, you ask? It’s STUFF. Junk, really. But cool junk!

In planning my Nov 4th online book release party and my Nov 4-16 virtual book tour for my new book “Elly Hays,” I’ve lost my mind looking at swag to give away to lucky winners at the events. And, I must admit, I want to keep it all for myself.

My amazing book designer sent me a FREE bookmark file, which I uploaded to Overnight Prints, and for less than the price of a grande mocha cappuccino, I ordered bookmarks.


My designer is amazing! I love this! BTW, he’s working on a new website which I have misgivings about. I want to tell the world about him, but I’d much rather keep him to myself. Writers are possessive of their designers and their editors. Don’t even think about asking me for her number.

Anyway, back to Swag. There is an Etsy site called “The Book Swag Shop” with nothing but Swag – check it out here. She makes custom mini book charms, buttons, charm bracelets, potion bottles, just about everything cool you can think of. OMG, I’m more excited about the Swag than the book! 🙂 It’s all about the Swag!

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