October Ancestry Challenge – Ina Inez Burke Culpepper

oct ancestry challenge-001The October Ancestry Challenge 2013 is 23 posts in 23 days (Monday through Friday) about 23 ancestors.

We’re in week two!

Ancestor #7 – Ina Inez Burke Culpepper

My maternal grandmother Ina Inez Burke Culpepper.



burke ina and gdaughter loriI called her Mamaw. That’s her holding me in 1966.

She was born Feb 8, 1915 to John Patrick “Pat” Burke and Mary Elizabeth Howington and was the eldest of seven children. The family always thought there were six children total until last year when I visited the family cemetery and found a headstone for Rudolph Owen Burke 1916-1917. I researched all her dad’s brothers and her brothers, but none of their ages fit to have a child born in 1916 except her parents. Also, the middle names of all her brothers were Otho, Otis, and Olen, so Owen seems to fit in there nicely.

culpepper earl and ina in front of carMamaw married Earl Wilmar Culpepper on August 1, 1936 at the age of 21. They live a quiet life in and around Meridian, Mississippi and had two daughters, one being my mother. She worked as a seamstress and could sew anything by looking at it in the store for a few minutes. I’m positive she made the dress she’s wearing. If she were young today, I’d make her go on “Project Runway.”

Burke, ina inez obitShe died following open heart surgery in 1975 at the age of 60. She came out of the surgery just fine, but no one told her to NOT take aspirin once she got home. I guess in those days, when you were in pain, you popped aspirin. She awoke unable to breathe and my grandfather said her neck was swollen and black and blue. She died of “complications of aortic valve replacement/respiratory arrest/laryngeal hemorrhage and edema/anticoagulation.”






burke Ina Inez Burke headstoneShe is buried with her husband, parents, and paternal grandparents at a little cemetery in the middle of nowhere in Newton County, Mississippi – Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery.





The best part of the story:

culpepper annie blanks culpepper obitI couldn’t trace her mother’s family, the Howingtons. Her mother (my great grandmother) Mary Howington Burke was a brick wall for a long time. One day, I saw an obituary for her husband Earl’s mother (yes, my other great grandmother Annie Culpepper – Ancestor #1 blog). It said Annie was survived by a daughter named Mae Howington. I knew my grandfather’s little sister was Zeffie Mae, but who was this Howington she was married to?

Turns out, it was the man I always knew as Uncle Sug (as in Sugar). Melton “Sug” Howington was Mary Howington’s little brother. Mamaw’s uncle.  Since he was married to Earl’s little sister, that also made him my mother’s uncle. Long story short, I traced Melton and found the whole Howington clan! Yay!

So, in closing, I just want to tell you that what they say about the south is true, and it is possible I’m my own cousin!

10 responses to “October Ancestry Challenge – Ina Inez Burke Culpepper

    • Carolyn, you are the first person to confirm that! Thank you!!! Bobbie didn’t know anything about it and her children had never heard that Pat and Mary lost a child. It took hours and hours of research to finally come to the conclusion that Owen must have been theirs. I should have just called you in the first place. 🙂 ♥

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  2. I love Mamaw! I’m already trying to decide what my future grandchildren will call me. I want to be called Baba, after my Ukrainian heritage, but my kids have told me that their kids will determine what I will be called. LOL

  3. I lived next door to MAW MARY so I was favorite granddaughter. She was one of a kind and I loved her very much. Grandpa died when I little but I remember him as being a kind and fair man. Now my great uncle Sug was a very colorful man. Donnie (his son) died a few months ago. If I can help you with any thing just ask and if I don’t know POP will.

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  5. Please please see this and email me. I am working on my family tree and do not know much about my Howington family. My great grandpa was Sug Howington. My grand pa was John T.Howington and my dad is Charles Ray Howington all from meridian

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