October Ancestry Challenge – How far back can you go?

oct ancestry challenge-001The October Ancestry Challenge 2013 is 23 posts in 23 days (Monday through Friday) about 23 ancestors.

We’re ending week two!

Ancestor #8 – Zachariah Prickett

How far back can you go?

I’ve traced my roots so far back, there is some evidence that I am descended from King Charlemagne. The cool thing about that is his family is traced very accurately back to sometime in — wait for it — BC.  Yes, Before Christ. Yes, a really, really long time ago.

But as far as my American roots go, as far as I can tell, I am a 13th generation American.

Most of my family came to America from England in the 1600s, and they all seem to have migrated south in the 1800s when the U.S. Government started selling off large plots of land to get the country settled. Someday I’ll sit down and figure out the exact numbers of generations and how far back each go, but when you get up to your 10th greats, there are 2048 of them!!! I just don’t have that kind of time.

I have a lot of 10th, 11th, and 12th generation American ancestors, including a 12th generation on my dad’s Crane side. My 9th great grandpa John Weldon’s (1626-1711 Massachusetts) great grandson’s granddaughter, Mary Polly Weldon, married Jeremiah Crane in 1801. They were my 4th greats.

But the farthest back I can trace my American roots is on my mom’s side. He was my 13th generation, 10th great grandpa Zachariah Prickett, born in Burlington County, New Jersey in the mid to late 1600s. Burlington County is just east of Philadelphia, south of Trenton, northwest of Atlantic City.

Zachariah married a woman named Ellipha in 1699 and had at least four children: John, Zachariah Jr, Hannah, and Elizabeth.

The line from Zachariah to me is:

13. Zachariah Prickett

12. John Prickett

11. Capt Jacob Prickett. prickett Capt Jacob Prickett home built 1781 Fairmont, WVThis was his home built in 1781. It was located just past Prickett’s Fort State Park in Fairmont, West Virginia. It was destroyed by arsonists on March 7, 2005. Jacob was a Revolutionary War soldier. prickett Jacob Prickett II headstone

10. Josiah Prickett

9. Sarah “Sally” Prickett, who married William Howington

8. Herod Howington

7. Nimrod Howington

howington James C Howington Headstone6. James C Howington – Civil War soldier <<<

5. John Thomas Howington









burke JP and Mary howington

4. Mary Elizabeth Howington who married John Patrick “Pat” Burke <<<

3. Ina Inez Burke (Ancestor #7) who married Earl Wilmar Culpepper







Momma2. Linda Faye Culpepper, my mother <<< who married my daddy, Andrew Frank Crane V V VDaddy

crane lori baby1. and…..ME!

9 responses to “October Ancestry Challenge – How far back can you go?

  1. Oh horrible that Capt. Prickett’s cabin was destroyed by arsonists! So sad. What a tragedy.

    How wonderful to have documentation so far back in the US! They were truly part of building America!

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  3. This comment may be late. The house pictured was the Job Prickett house.
    Zachariah was born 1674 in Clarkenwell, London, England. He and his brother, Josiah (1672), came to America in the early 1690s with William Penn’s fleet. Their father was dissident Quaker, John Prickett, who was arrested at least three times for practicing as a Quaker.

  4. Zachariah was born in London, as Sid said.
    However, the John Prickett who was the father of Capt. Jacob is thought to have been the son of Zachariah’s brother Josiah Prickett (born in London in 1672). It is thought that his son John, who married Martha ____, was the father of Capt. Jacob. Jacob Prickett’s home is not standing; the log cabin that was destroyed by fire was the home of his son Jacob, Jr. It has been rebuilt.

    Captain Jacob Prickett did have a son named Josiah who did have a daughter named Sarah “Sally,” but she married just once: in 1797 she married Uriah Morgan, the son of Zackquill Morgan (founder of present-day Morgantown, WV) and bore him 7 children before dying c1832.

    You can get more information here:
    for Sally:
    for Josiah:
    for Capt. Jacob:

    (Patricia Prickett Hickin)

  5. Hello, I’d like to enter into this discussion, although late, I just found this. I am a direct descendent of Zachariah Prickett as well. From him to me is Zachariah-Jacob-George(1735)-George died in Georgia (1772)-Jacob died in Iowa-George Alexander born in Iowa- Elias Wiley (Iowa)- Lern Elias -Phillip- Me (Patrick born 1971 Iowa). I am curious about the discussion on Zachariah and the link to Captain Jacob. Did Zachariah have a son named John or did Josiah have a son named John who was Captain Jacobs father?

    • Never too late! Hi cousin! I have in my tree that Zachariah had a son named John (1700-1760) who in turn was the father of Capt Jacob. My line is Zachariah-John-Capt Jacob-Josiah-Sarah “Sally” who married a Howington-and there I lost my Prickett name. Sally’s husband William Howington’s line was Herrod-Nimrod-James C-John Thomas-Mary Elizabeth (my great grandmother) who married John Patrick Burke.

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