October Ancestry Challenge – Sir Thomas Culpeper

oct ancestry challenge-001The October Ancestry Challenge 2013 is 23 posts in 23 days  about 23 ancestors.

Ancestor #9 – Sir Thomas Culpeper of Hardreshull, Bayhall, and Exton

***** or *****

We’re All Connected, but Don’t Tell My Trophy Husband!

grandpa dallas

I’ve studied genealogy since I was a teenager, and am constantly stunned that my trophy husband only knows his grandparents and great grandparents and doesn’t care to know any more than that. He said his great grandfather came over from England and for reasons unknown, took the surname Dallas (photo). He told me, “You’ll never trace my family because no one knows who Grandpa Dallas really was.”

Well, I take that as a direct challenge.

A day later I asked him, “Would you like to know who your Dallas really was? Yes, I found him. His name was Stanley and he was the son of Captain Edmund Stanley.”

As a side note, I’ve spent years and years tossing it in his face that I come from Nobility. I have Lords and Sirs all over my family tree and there’s even a good chance I descend from King Charlemagne himself.

So anyway, I traced the Stanleys way back and found my trophy husband’s 16th great grandfather was Sir Thomas Culpeper of Hardreshull, Bayhall, and Exton. WAIT! SIR THOMAS WAS MY GRANDFATHER, TOO…he’s my 17th great. So, hubby and I are related waaaayyy back when. That’s cool.

But do I stop there? No! …I should have stopped there.

I found that Sir Thomas had two wives. I descend from the second wife Joyce Baynard, and trophy hubby descends from the first wife, Lady Alianora de Greene.

alianora culpepper cobham, church of st peter and st paulsir reginald, church of st peter and st paulSir Thomas and Lady Alianora had a daughter also named Alianora (Eleanor) who married Sir Reginald 3rd Lord Cobham.

(photos are Alianora and Sir Reginald, Church of St Peter and St Paul in Surrey)

Alianora and Sir Reginald had a daughter, Elizabeth Cobham who married Richard LeStrange. These LeStrange guys are all Barons. For you “Cousin’s War” fans, are any of these names starting to ring a bell yet? Ok, we’ll continue.


Elizabeth and Richard had a son named John LeStrange who married Jacquetta Wydeville. I’m sure THAT name rings a bell.

john lancasterJacquetta’s mom was Jacquetta de Luxembourg. Her first husband was John of Lancaster Duke of Bedford (photo), who was King Henry V’s brother. Jacquetta was a cousin of the Holy Roman Emperor and the marriage was meant to strengthen ties between England and the Holy Roman Empire. When the Yorks defeated the Lancastrians in 1461, both Jacquetta’s husband, John of Lancaster, and King Henry V were killed in the battle. Edward IV of York became king.



Rivers_Earl richard woodvilleJacquetta de Luxembourg soon married Sir Richard Wydeville Baron Rivers (photo) and went from being a Duke’s wife to being a Baron’s wife. I don’t know if that’s a step up or a step down. They had 14 children including the young Jacquetta Wydeville.



493px-ElizabethWoodvilleEdward_IV_PlantagenetTheir eldest daughter Elizabeth Wydeville (photo) soon married King Edward IV(photo) and became Queen of England, giving birth to the Tudor era, as she was the grandmother of King Henry VIII.




So, seeing that Jacquetta of Luxembourg and Sir Richard Wydeville are my trophy husband’s 13th great grandparents, I guess he actually has more blue blood than I do. But, please, please, don’t tell him.

9 responses to “October Ancestry Challenge – Sir Thomas Culpeper

  1. John LeStrange who married Jacquetta Wydevilleare my direct line too. They are my 15 Great Grandparents. Hi Cousins! I have Culpepper as well.

  2. I sure hope my genealogy skills are one day as good as yours! I’m so impressed how far, and with facts, you can go back on your family line!

    • A lot of the Culpepper stuff was done way before I came along. There was a woman 40 years ago who researched and wrote a book called “Culpepper Footprints in the Sands of Time.” She went back to the 1400s, and I think that book inspired a lot of us to study genealogy. My cousin Warren Culpepper has a website “Culpepper Connections” that is LOADED with family history. So, I’m just following in their footsteps.

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  4. Hi cousin! Sarah Culpepper here! ( my maiden name)
    Sir Thomas culpepper was my 18th great grandfather. So cool. Thanks for all the info on the Culpepper line, I’m new to this and still researching!

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