ELLY HAYS Book Tour – Interview with Elly

elly book tourHi everyone! Thanks for stopping by the book tour today. We’re in the middle of the ELLY HAYS book tour which will wrap up on Saturday with a Twitter chat. Please check http://www.LoriCraneAuthor.com for a list of events, also, check the bottom of this page for a giveaway!

Today, we have with us the heroine of ELLY HAYSthe one and only… Elly Hays!

Lori: So, Elly, since you’re my 5th great grandmother, I know quite a bit about you, but please tell our readers a little about yourself.

Elly: Sure. I was born in 1774, just before the Revolutionary War, in North Carolina, right on the border of Tennessee. We actually lived in Tennessee. The varying records from both states make my descendants crazy when they try to look up the family.

Lori: Tell me about it. (I need a sarcasm font.)

Elly: My dad’s name was Samuel Hays and my mom was Elizabeth Priscilla Brawford.

Lori: Where were your parents from?

Elly: Dad was from Tennessee, mom was from Virginia.

Lori: Is Tennessee where you met your husband?

Elly: Yes, James Rodgers was born in Tennessee. We married there when I was only 16 years old–just a child.

Lori: Yes, by today’s standards, you were just a child. Did you make your home in Tennessee?

Elly: We lived there for a long time. After having 11 children, we finally moved in 1812.

Lori: What happened in 1812?

Elly: Well, the first thing that happened was a massive earthquake in December 1811 the shook the Ohio River Valley to its core. That was followed by two more earthquakes in January and February of 1812. Crevasses opened up in the earth, homes were destroyed. I even heard the Mississippi River was flowing backwards in spots. Our home was ruined.

Lori: So, what did you do?

Elly: At the same time, the War of 1812 was just beginning in the north, so James wanted to move further south to keep the children out of harm’s way. He convinced me to move.

Lori: To the Mississippi Territory?

Elly: Yes. Well, I believe you modern people now call it Alabama.

Lori: Yes, Alabama is a state now.

Elly: It was back then too, but not until 1819. We had already left that god-forsaken hell-hole by then.

Lori: Why? What happened?

Elly: What didn’t happen? We didn’t know when we moved there, the Creek Indians who occupied the land were in the middle of a civil war.

Lori: A civil war? That must have been terrifying.

Elly: That wasn’t the worst part. They also didn’t want us settlers living there, so they tortured my family for years. Every day was something else. One day, they slaughtered all my farm animals. The next day, they destroyed my crops.

Lori: Oh my! What did you do?

Elly: I fought back the best way I could. My number one priority was to keep my children safe, but in the end, I couldn’t even do that.

Lori: So, what happened?

Elly: Well, the final straw was when they burned down our house and everything in it.

Lori: What did you do then?

Elly: Well, you’ll have to read the book and find out, won’t you?

Lori: Well, you heard her. Get your copy of ELLY HAYS! You can pick it up HERE.

Grandma Elly, thank you for coming by the blog today. We loved meeting you.

Elly: It was my pleasure. I hope everyone enjoys the story.



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