I guess #1 entitles me to a new title…

Ranking is EVERYTHING…for the next hour or so anyway!

Not only am I “Award Winning,” apparently now I’m “Best Selling!” And, you better believe I’m running over at lightening speed to change my “About” page to reflect that. 🙂 After frustration and turmoil over a story line, the least I can do is add a title in front of my name. I wonder if you need to specify exactly how long you were at #1. “Best selling author for ten and a half minutes.” That has a ring to it, don’t you think?

The highest rank I’ve ever reached on Amazon was back in July when The Legend of Stuckey’s Bridge was released and I hit #23 in the top selling historical fiction authors. It only lasted a couple weeks. I typically hang out around the #100 mark, just low enough to jump on and fall off the “Top 100” list over and over.

elly hays no 1On November 15th, my book Elly Hays, which was released November 4th,  hit #1 in the Native American Literature category on Kindle and #2 in the same category in books. These numbers are updated hourly, so one minute your #19, then an hour later you move up to #4, then #1, then back down to #283. Eventually you stop looking, but I’m glad I was home with my camera ready when it hit #1.

With my sincerest gratitude and thanks to my readers, I am happily putting the title of “Best Selling” in front of my name. Maybe someday I’ll hit it again. 🙂

I wonder if Miley will let me borrow her foam finger. We’re #1! We’re #1! We’re #1! download

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