Help! I have FREE audiobooks to give away!


51QeOBe26zL._SL500_AA300_PIaudible,BottomRight,13,73_AA300_I have a dilemma, and I bet you amazing people have the answer.

In December, I released my book “Okatibbee Creek” as an audiobook at Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. (If you want to know anything about the process, drop me an email, and I’ll fill you in on the details. It was fun and painless.)

My dilemma is Audible just emailed me a bunch of download codes to give away FREE copies.

I need some ideas on how to give them away. Any thoughts on sweepstakes, contests, etc.? Even the simplest idea could spark my imagination, so please let me know what you would do with these.

Thanks in advance for your brilliance and insight!!

4 responses to “Help! I have FREE audiobooks to give away!

  1. Can you do a Goodreads giveaway for audio? I can’t wait to read Okatibbee Creek. Also, I’m interested in the process for doing audio books. Are you going to do a post about it? Glad to see you back!

    • Hi Patricia! I hope you all had a good holiday.
      I’ll check on Goodreads. It’s not my favorite site, but I know they love their giveaways there. I’ll send you an email about the process. I’m glad to be back, but I’m packing right now to go to Milwaukee in the morning for two weeks. Ugh.

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