Uncle Bluitt

culpepper Andrew Bluitt CulpepperThe Rev. Andrew Bluitt Culpepper was my grandfather’s uncle (little brother of Aunt Dora in THIS blog). He died in 1952, so I never met him, but I remember the family bringing his name up on occasion, and he was always referred to as Uncle Bluitt. The name came from his great grandmother, Elizabeth “Betty” Bluett or Bluitt. The spelling changed with each generation, and every generation has at least one male with Bluett in his name.

Uncle Bluitt was the youngest of 6 children of Joel Bluett Culpepper and Mary E “Mollie” McFarland. He was born in Alabama in 1882. Before 1890, the family moved to Kemper County, Mississippi.


culpepper Andrew Bluitt and Ollie KitrellWhen he was 21, he married Ollie Mae Kitrell.

culpepper Curtis and Obbie sons of Andrew Bluitt Culpepper


A year later, they had a son, Louis Curtis Culpepper, and three years later, another son, William Obie Culpepper.



Uncle Bluitt died at the age of 71, and his obit claims he was the pastor of more rural churches than any preacher in Mississippi, and his death certificate states he was also a barber. He died following a stroke, which is not an unusual thing with the males of my family. One of his uncles, (I can’t remember which one off the top of my head) was said to have died of a stroke while preaching in the pulpit. Pastors and strokes run in the clan. Uncle Bluitt is laid to rest with his wife and sons at Pine Grove Baptist Church and Cemetery in Lauderdale County, Mississippi.

culpepper, andrew bluitt and ollie kittrell


Andrew Bluitt Culpepper obituary

Rev. A. B. Culpepper, 71, Martin community, Lauderdale County, passed away Wednesday, Feb. 24. he had been a Baptist minister for 40 years. It was claimed that he had been pastor of more rural churches than any preacher in Mississippi.

Burial was in Pine Grove Cemetery. The Rev. Edward McKeithen, pastor of the Pine Grove Church, officiated, assisted by Rev. Ed Grayson and Rev Truly Reynolds.

He was a member of the Pine Grove Church. Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Ollie Kittrell Culpepper, two sons, Curtis and Obbie Culpepper, 8 grandchildren, and 7 great-grandchildren.

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