Worst Book Titles….EVER!

Warning: This post has adult language and adult humor. If you are offended by such things, please do not read any further.

This is a collection of some of the worse book titles to ever hit the bookshelves. Seriously, these book are for sale to the public. As you will see by the “look inside” stickers on the tops of some of the photos, I found most of them on Amazon.

Here’s a collection to enhance the spiritual side of your life:  Does this first one look like a battery-powered dildo? Or is it just me?






















Everyone loves books. Pick this up for your little sister:












and perhaps for grandma:












Don’t forget grandpa:












and for dad:












I know a lot of my readers are genealogy buffs, so here’s one especially for you:













If you have a child from a sperm donor, consider these treasures: The Pea that was Me: A Sperm Donor Story (I can’t wait to read that one!) or Thank You For Your Sperm. I imagine the sequel to that would be: Sure, No Problem.













The most important books in the world are the ones for children. Remember treasuring your books as a child? Here are a few of my favorites: The Night Dad Went to Jail

dad jail










All my friends are dead












and my all-time favorite: Go the F#&* to Sleep

go the fuck to sleep











If you still can’t find a book that calls to you, try this feel-good story: The Universe Doesn’t Give a Flying F#&* About You

give a fuck




15 responses to “Worst Book Titles….EVER!

  1. The last one is my personal favorite. Straight forward and hilarious. I also like the dinosaur one, All My Friends are Dead. The dinosaur looks like he can’t believe it.

  2. Ha! I love these! I’ve seen a creative layout with the “All My Friends are Dead.” That book was surrounded by the Game of Thrones books. 🙂

  3. I would guess an image comes to mind when reading each one and if it’s not a good one it probably be one not likes! Carl J.

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