I’m Back! August 1st is a Great Day!!

Sorry for being MIA. I’ve been in Bermuda since May and internet is ridiculously expensive down there. But I’m back now and will run around and catch up with everyone over the next week.

A few months ago, I published a journal/perpetual calendar called “On This Day” (check it out at  Amazon) to keep track of my ancestral dates. You know, births, deaths, etc. I finally found a minute to use it, and for the last few days I’ve been filling it in, and guess what I found out…

Today is August 1st, and I realized if it weren’t for August 1st, I wouldn’t be here. That gives me a strange feeling that I should put some energy into this day and enjoy it to the fullest.

culpepper earl and ina in front of carOn this day in 1936, my grandparents were married.








john thomas howington florence j smith marriage recordOn this day in 1892, her grandparents were married.



I’m glad to be back, especially on August 1st! Catch you all tomorrow.

5 responses to “I’m Back! August 1st is a Great Day!!

    • I got home the other day but was buried in a manuscript. I shipped it off to the editor this morning, so I’m a free bird for the next six weeks. Then I’m flying out to Barcelona for eight weeks. I’m not complaining about that one. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m glad to be home. I read “Live From the Road” while I was at sea. Enjoyed it bunches. I thought it was funny that all those random people joined the trip, then realized I had joined the trip also. There were many places during Meg’s inner dialog that struck a chord with me. Maybe it’s the age group. 🙂 I’ll get a review up this week.

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