52 Ancestors #6 Chlodio 395-448 A.D. No, Really.


This challenge is set forth by No Story Too Small, and this week’s theme is “So Far Away.”

So, So, So, Very, Very, Far Away!

My Culpepper line is very well traced by many people, including having its own website – Culpepper Connections. My 13th great grandfather William Culpepper married Cicely Barrett. The Barrett line intersects with the Bellhouse line and the Poyntz line and can be traced all the way back to King Charlemagne, King of the Franks 748-814 A.D.

charlemagne-hero-ABIf you Google King Charlemagne’s paternal line, you can go back to his 10th great grandfather. Charlemagne is my 39th, making Chlodio my 51st.






Pépin_the_youngerPepin the Short 714-768 King of the Franks














Charles Martel 688-741 Duke of the Franks, a statesman and military leader










Pepin of Herstal 635-714 Duke of the Franks











Ansegisel 610-670ish Served King Sigbert III as a Duke. Murdered.










Arnulf of Metz 582-640 Frankish bishop of Metz and advisor to the Merovingian Court.







Bodegisel ?-585 Frankish Duke. Served Kings Chilperic I and Chilperic II.







Mummolin ? Mayor of the Palace of Neustria. Married Chilperic II’s daughter.



munderic_largeMunderic ?-532 Merovingian with a claim to the Frankish throne. Married a Roman senator’s daughter.



clodericCloderic the Parricide ?-509 Murdered his own father in order to take the kingdom, then was murdered himself.





170px-Rathausturm_Köln_-_Sigibert_von_Ripuarien_(5907-09)Sigobert the Lame 445-509 King of the Franks, murdered by his son Chloderic the Parricide.









ChlodebaudChlodebaud 430-450 King of the Franks




Chlodio Long-HairChlodio Long-Hair 395-448 A.D. King of the Franks

7 responses to “52 Ancestors #6 Chlodio 395-448 A.D. No, Really.

  1. My great-grandmother was Cordelia Anne Culpepper, her father James Monroe Culpepper, and his father Joel Culpepper born in 1796 and the one who came to Harris County GA in 1829. We could be cousins somewhere back there. Ha!

    • Oh! Fun! Yes, we’re definitely cousins. All modern day Culpeppers are descended from John Culpepper the Merchant…who I wrote a book about coming out April 10! he’s my 10th great, probably yours too.

    • My family tree also ends in Chlodio King of the Franks 392-447
      I was amazed until I found that a 50 Gen ancestor includes over 1 trillion people.
      So that means that most of us come from kings and Queens. There are a few of those on my tree.
      I’m from Argentina.

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