It’s Monday! What are you reading?

2a2It’s Monday! What are you reading?

In keeping with my new year’s resolution to read a financial book every month, for the month of February, I just finished…

The ABC’s of Money by Natalie Pace






51ya1G294+LI found this book completely enlightening and useful. It wasn’t filled with the usual drivel about skipping that cafe latte so you can pay your rent. It was filled with good and sometimes brutal truths about how to spend and how to save, starting with the old adage of paying yourself first. By the time you finish the chapter on debt, you’ll understand that old adage in a whole new light. They’re not just words, they are solid principles to wealth. My favorite part of the book was the simple mathematical equation of putting 10% away at 10% interest for four years, and you will have your yearly income saved. Do this for twenty-five years, and your savings will make more money per year than you do. Isn’t that awesome? My second favorite part of the book was the easy to understand pie chart on how much money you should have in which investments. I love pie charts!

The best part of this book is that it’s usual FREE on Kindle, completely in keeping with my budget! So, hop over to Amazon and pick up a copy. Let me know what you think.

Ms. Pace’s Amazon Page

Ms. Pace’s website

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