Travel Tuesday – oui, oui , en France

1381994_10152704496413326_6123842265430200293_nYes, yes, in France!

Cannes, pronounced Can, is on the French Riviera surrounded by glamorous names like Monte Carlo, Nice, Monaco, and St. Tropez. It’s a resort town with a curved coast line filled with sandy beaches and palatial hotels. If you choose to do anything except walk along the beach, be prepared to pay the big bucks. It’s not filled with exclusive boutiques for nothing. And if you venture to Monte Carlo to gamble, wear a tux. They won’t let you anywhere near the place unless you pull up in a Rolls.1480664_10152673634993326_5908748731591260899_n

The only things one needs to know about the South of France is they dress better than anyone else on the planet and they have amazing quiche! I have more pictures of quiche, but I’m sure you get the idea. The outdoor cafe, Maison Lafayette, was pretty much my Friday quiche ritual for eight weeks straight.



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