John Culpepper, Esquire

JC Esquire (1)The 3rd book in the Culpepper Saga

“John Culpepper, Esquire”

John Culpepper was a prominent figure in colonial Virginia, a merchant in Jamestown for two decades and a resident since the disastrous civil war that shook England to its core. The Culpepper family, decimated by the war, had known great defeat, but none as heartbreaking as the tragic event that abruptly left John in the position of family patriarch.

He struggled with this newly acquired role, marrying off his nieces to eligible colonialists, sending some of the boys back to England, purchasing a ship for his sons against their mother’s wishes.

Upon the collapse of the English Commonwealth, members of John’s family escorted the exiled prince back to London to be crowned as King Charles II. Would the Culpepper family finally reclaim the power and prestige it had once possessed? And how would John hold his family together on two continents?

“John Culpepper, Esquire” is the third book in the Culpepper Saga and is the life-story of the progenitor of the modern-day American Culpeppers. He was the author’s tenth great-grandfather.

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5 responses to “John Culpepper, Esquire

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  4. Dear Lori, thanks for your interesting website! Question: do you believe there is any connection between your Culpepper family and my Pepper family of Virginia?

    Linda Horton

    • I don’t know of a connection but will certainly look into it. There were Culpeppers and Fairfaxes all over VA in the early 1700s. Does your Pepper line stop abruptly, like someone chose the name, or can you trace it back to an immigrant?

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