The Culpepper-Fairfax Scandal

LadyCatherineApparently there will be a fifth Culpepper book!! The Culpepper-Fairfax Scandal – coming soon.

Her royalist grandfather gave his life in the service of the king. His grandfather was the general of the army who destroyed the king. The two brave knights met several times on the battlefield, nearly killing each other on more than one occasion. Following the war, the Culpeppers and Fairfaxes held a grudge that lasted for more than fifty years.

When beautiful and sheltered Catherine Culpepper turned nineteen, she inherited everything—a castle in Kent, vast estates in England, land in the colony of Virginia, more wealth than she could ever spend.

Thomas_Fairfax 5th baron of cameron, catherine culpeppers husbandShe was relentlessly pursued by the handsome Lord Thomas Fairfax. It was easy to fall in love with the charming baron, but following their marriage and the birth of their children, she discovered the romance was a well-orchestrated plot by the Fairfax family to deliver the final blow to the Culpeppers.

How could she take down the powerful Fairfax family without destroying her own children’s name?

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  4. Lori, I have read all the books of the Culpepper saga and look forward to more.
    My relative is Julia Ann Culpepper daughter of Joel Cullpepper and Amelia Yarbrough. Julia married Joseph Henry Boswell. They are listed in Clark, ms and Choctaw AL. I, too wondered how they got to MS. I hope what I have is credible.

    • Well, howdy, cousin!! I haven’t looked too much at Joel and Amelia. I’ll have to go see what I can find. It looks like Joel was the brother of Simeon, who is my 4th great. I’m currently working on “The Culpepper-Fairfax Scandal,” but I just haven’t had a minute to finish it. I hope to get it done this year, but the year is just slipping by and I’m getting more and more behind. 😀 An interesting note: My Simeon had a son named Rev. Joseph M Culpepper who married Nancy Yarbrough (my 3rd greats). I bet Nancy and Amelia were related. I always find they are.

  5. I think we are indeed cousins! Was simeon born 1794 in Franklin ga? He died in lauderdale Ms. Thanks so much for returning my question. If I can help you
    Let me know.
    Looking forward to the next book.

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