The Only Child


One learns how to play fair
One learns how to forgive
And how to forget
One learns there is an even playing field
One learns there is always tomorrow
And there is always someone by your side to share it
Unless one is an only child
There is no “fair” when the grown-ups always win
There is no “forgiveness” when the stakes are not even
There is no “forgetting”
I’ll tell you what
You distract her
And I’ll steal the cookies
I hope it’s not to late to re-learn

The Unknown


I face the unknown
I breathe
I face uncertainty
I breathe
A chance for devastating defeat
An equal chance for immeasurable victory
At this moment
I breathe
Defeat is inevitable only if I quit
Victory is eventually gained if I continue
I breathe
I continue
I choose victory

The Winter Tree

I feel like the tree
The Winter tree with no leaves
Just an bare skeleton
Of a promise that once was
Empty now
Standing alone in the wind
Not even trying to shield myself
It’s cold
I don’t care
If a strong enough wind blows
I’ll fall
Ripping out what’s left
Of my shallow roots
And death will be a pleasure
For Spring is too far to reach

~Lori Crane