Gimpy Patootie

Patootie had pre-op blood work done on Friday. He’s getting his little you-know-whats cut off tomorrow, and the vet wanted to check all his stuff before the surgery. I’m sorry for sounding like a blonde here, but I don’t know what “stuff” is, so we’ll just leave it at that. All I know is the receptionist told me it was $44 for pre-op blood work, and I walked out of there $115 lighter. WTH? Turns out we needed heartworm pills, heartworm test and stool sample. I didn’t know to bring a baggie of poop in. I’m not sure how they got a sample, and I don’t want to know.

Anyway, he came home with a little bandaid on his leg. Poor little guy. He’s hamming it up beyond belief. A few hours after coming home, he started limping. Maybe they had to poke around a bit to find the vein in his leg. He’s so fuzzy, I’m surprised they found one at all. His little leg must be bothering him now, because he’s been gimpy for 2 days.

Poor little gimpy!

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I’ll take a picture tomorrow when he gets his “cone of shame”. That’s always good for a laugh.

One response to “Gimpy Patootie

  1. Patootie is cute. Hope the surgery goes well. They’ll put a cone only if they are concerned about him licking his where his stitches are. I have a yellow lab and when she got fixed, the cone scared her to death as she couldnt see. we took it off of her and she was fine. Didnt lick her stitches and she got well fast. As to stool samples, yes, whenever you suspect worms and all those fun things, you get to bring in sample to the Vet. At least you dont have to run tests on it! They then call you with the results. Good luck!!

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