The Golden Child

Since Boo was born, he’s been The Golden Child. Everything the kid touches turns to gold. No effort, no worries, just pure luck.

When he was in second grade, he came home with one of those Morley Candy order forms to raise money for school. He had it in his desk for three weeks, and the night before it was due, he finally brought it home. For every $50 he got in candy orders, he would get in the drawing for the 9 lb chocolate easter bunny. I felt sorry for him, so I bought $50 worth of crap. The next day, the kid comes out of school carrying the damn 9 lb chocolate easter bunny.


The Golden Child


Last week he started college. He’s getting his degree in digital animation.

cory ferris

He took classes during his senior year and over the summer at the local community college, so he only has to take 4 classes per semester for 3 years to graduate, except for 1 extra class we need to squeeze in there somewhere.

Last night he called to tell me he showed his 2D animation instructor one of his drawings, to which the instructor said, “Who put you in my class? Why are you in my class? This is what the advanced 3D animation class is working on.”

After a lot of drama with 2 instructors and his adviser, they put him in the advanced class and gave him the credits for the 2D class. They didn’t know how to go about giving him the credits, because in the words of the adviser, “we’ve never done this before.” But I guess they got it figured out.

The Golden Child doesn’t have that extra class to squeeze in now. And, now his instructors know he’s good. One of the graduates from last year got a job as an animator at Pixar, so I can see where this is heading….

Here’s his pictures:

cory mustang 3

cory mustang 2cory mustang 4

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