Bats In My Belfry!

Last night I learned what to do when a BAT gets in your house.

First, the whole family (husband included) crouches down to the floor and shrieks like little girls every time it flies by. And, let me tell you, that little thing flies very, very fast, and my family shrieks very, very loudly.

Second, daughter stands on the front porch with the door open, calling, “Here bat, here bat.”
(Yeah, maybe that’ll work…and she’s the smart one of the bunch.)

Third, everyone grab a weapon!!!
Towel, Broom, Bed Sheet, Couch Pillow – check, check and check.
Now, don’t actually use the weapon. If the bat comes near you, crouch down, cover your head with the weapon, and shriek loudly. This will screw up the bat radar and cause it become disoriented and fly away. (Well, that’s the plan anyway.)

Finally, after it flies out the door, look for it for a half hour, because no one actually saw it fly out the door due to hiding behind sheets and towels and brooms and all that crouching and shrieking.


That was quite an interesting event. I wish I had pictures.

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