Best April Fool’s Prank EVER!

Today, I was searching for an April Fool’s prank to play on my trophy hubby and was reminded of one I pulled a few years ago.

My daughter was fresh out of college and in the midst of looking for a teaching job. She sent out a gazillion resumes and went on a bazillion interviews. She was substitute teaching at different schools on a daily basis, and her phone was ringing off the hook.

We still had a home phone at the time, and though she used her cell phone for nearly all business activity, the occasional caller would ring the home phone.

So, on April 1st, I wrote a phone message and left it on the kitchen island for her.

It read:

“Mr. Lyon called about a job. He wants you to call him back. (248) 541-5717.”

She was all excited, anticipating a new position. I could hardly keep from laughing in her face.


If you dial that number, you will hear the other person say, “Hello. Detroit Zoo.”

L1244047867detroit zoo

“May I please speak with Mr. Lyon?”

You will hear the person on the other end say, “Excuse me?”


hahahahahahaha – I’m still laughing.




2 responses to “Best April Fool’s Prank EVER!

  1. Haha that’s harsh. This reminds me of a time years ago when I was constantly searching for jobs with specific companies. I got an unrecognized call from a supposed dream offer and asking me a few questions. I excitedly answered until I was interrupted by laughter. It was my brother. It was also a Saturday and no offices were open. It was a sad day in my life

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