A to Z Challenge – U is for U.S. Military

Blogging from A to Z April 2013 Challenge

U is for U.S. Military

My grandfathers who served:

An * denotes he died in service.

Joel Bluett Culpepper – Confederate Army

William Thomas Fisher – Confederate Army

William Lafayette Brown Jr – Confederate Army

Rev. Joseph M Culpepper – Confederate Army *

Rice Benjamin Carpenter – Confederate Army *

George Washington Spencer – Confederate Army

James C Howington – Confederate Army

William Henry Blanks III – Confederate Army

Hays Rodgers – War of 1812

William Henry Blanks I – American Revolution

Joseph Culpepper Jr – American Revolution

Thomas Young – American Revolution

John B Rice – American Revolution

James Rodgers Sr – American Revolution

Captain Jacob Prickett – American Revolution

My uncles who served:

George M Graham – Confederate Army

Timothy Rodgers – Confederate Army *

Wilson Rodgers – Confederate Army *

Hays Rodgers Jr – Confederate Army

John W Rodgers – Confederate Army *

Benjamin M Culpepper – Confederate Army

Hilliard Carpenter – Confederate Army *

James Monroe Chatham – Confederate Army *

Rev. James Lafayette Blanks – Confederate Army

Richard Lane Blanks – Confederate Army

John Henry Brown – Confederate Army

Absolom Rodgers – War of 1812

…and so very many more. Sleep well, soldiers. Your job is done.

2 responses to “A to Z Challenge – U is for U.S. Military

  1. Simple post, but so far from being worthless.
    I have a profound respect for anyone who’s served in the military, or is currently serving. People can sit all day long and complain about different wars, or why soldiers are overseas, but at the end of the day the common soldier doesn’t make those decisions. They simply follow orders with the intent to defend their country and their families.
    It’s the noblest job, for sure.

    • I’m sure there are many who served that I don’t even know about. Also didn’t include anything post-1865, so no WWI or WWII or anything else. There are so many who risked everything for freedom and many paid the ultimate sacrifice. When I look at this list, I’m amazed I’m here.

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