A to Z Challenge – Y is for You’uns

Y is for You’uns and other redneck slang…

You’uns – the plural of Y’all

Young’uns – young people/children

Aim to – Plan to, as in “I aim to go to the store later.”

Fixin’ to – preparing, as in “I’m fixin’ to go to the store.”

Worsh – Wash

Crick – Creek

Holler – Hollow

Yonder – Somewhere else.

Jeet? – Did you eat?

Used ta could – Used to be able to.

Lick – a negative amount as in “I didn’t get a lick of sleep last night.”

High Cotton – wealth

Hankerin’ – Craving

Britches – pants

Sugar – affection

Hadn’t oughta – should not have, as in “She hadn’t oughta said those things.”

Gussied up – dressed up

Piddlin’ around – wasting time

Piddlin’ – a small amount

Kin – family

Reckon – suppose, as in “I reckon I’ll see you later.”

Ugly – mean, as in “Stop acting ugly.”

There are tons more. Add your own iffen yer so obliged.

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