A to Z Challenge – Z is for Zoo

Z is for Zoo

My home-zoo is growing. In the house, we have two dogs, two guinea pigs, and now, a serpent.

Here’s Rudy Patootie and Dexter. If you ever want to break into my house, bring along a recording of thunder. The big one will hide under the desk, and the little ankle-biter will run upstairs and hide under the bed.


We also have a couple female piggies. CeeCee is the black one and Meatball is the brown one.


Our newest addition is a four-foot female Ball Python. Her name is Eva. Isn’t that the best name ever for a snake? I thought the smell of the guinea pigs would make her more active, but I don’t think she cares about them.


4 responses to “A to Z Challenge – Z is for Zoo

  1. Love the dogs and guinea pigs, but I can do without the serpent. Last July, I moved to a new house for that very reason–serpents everywhere (cabinets, beds, desks, etc.). I averaged finding one per week. And they weren’t pets, either!

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