Liebster Award



A big thank you to Denise Hammond for honoring me with the coveted Liebster Award. Check out her blog here. We met during the April A to Z Challenge. She blogs, she photographs, she travels…always new and awesome things on her blog…and she’s a fellow Michigander, so we share a deep love for Michigan weather. (That was sarcasm. Do we have a font for that?)

First thing is 11 unknown facts about me, then 11 questions posed by Denise, then my 11 nominees and the 11 questions I pose to them.


1. I’m a work-a-holic. (That may actually be known to many of you.)

2. I’m right-handed, but I play baseball left-handed.

3. I am a certified nutritionist and a personal trainer.

4. My favorite singer is Paul Rogers from Bad Company.

5. I’m a GREAT cook!

6. I’m an only child and an orphan.

7. I’ve spent approximately ¼ of my life on airplanes, in hotels, and on tour buses.

8. I’m an eternal optimist, unless I’m tired, then I’m sure the world will end in the next thirty minutes.

9. I couldn’t survive a day without creating something.

10. I’m a numbers freak.


11. Excedrin is my best friend.


1.  If you could receive any award in the world, what would it be? Winning a Pulitzer would be nice, wouldn’t it?

2.  If you could run for any election and win, what would you run for? I wouldn’t like to run for anything; the current political arena is far too nasty for me.

3.  Assuming it is raining for days on end and you are stuck at home, what would you do to wile away the time? Sleep, work on my next novel, cook something, and play dumb games on the computer.

4.  Describe yourself in one word. Tired…Oh, no, wait, you probably mean in general…Organized.

5.  What is the most fun you have ever had?  (keep it clean) In high school, our choir sang at Greenfield Village for a holiday function. When we finished, we spent the whole day running around, goofing off, and laughing like crazy. That was the silliest day ever!

6.  What place to visit is number one on your bucket list? Egypt. I’d love to visit the pyramids.

7.  What food is your ‘guilty pleasure’? It’s a toss-up between chocolate and bacon. Maybe chocolate covered bacon. Yum.

8.  If you could be a character in someone’s novel, which author (living or dead) would you choose? E. B. White – I would love to be the spider in Charlotte’s Web. She was wise beyond her years and had the patience of a saint.

9.  The beach or the mountains for vacation? I work a lot at resorts and on cruise ships, so MY vacation is definitely the mountains.

10.  If you could own any car, what would you drive? A two-door black Jaguar with the little kitty emblem on the hood.

11.  I stated in a previous blog that if I won the lottery I would buy an Aston Martin DB9 (I’m drooling right now).  What would you ‘splurge’ on if you won the lottery? I’d hire a cook. I love fresh, homemade, wholesome food, but don’t always have the time to put it together.


Miss Samantha Jill 

Bottled Worder

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Author Angie Skelhorn

A Hundred Years Ago

Ellis Nelson

John W. Howell


1. If you could do anything right now, what would it be?

2. Why aren’t you doing it?

3. What’s your favorite band or favorite song?

4. Are you a people person?

5. What was your very first job?

6. Where was the best place you ever visited?

7. If they offered free trips to the moon, would you go?

8. PB&J or BLT?

9. What one thing reminds you of high school? (good or bad)

10. What will you be doing 20 years from now?

11. What do you hope will be mentioned in your eulogy?

4 responses to “Liebster Award

    • I’ve spent more time in Wisconsin than Michigan so far this month, but it’s been a cold June there. Sunday, I’ll be heading to Bermuda for a month. Hopefully the tropical skies stay beautiful! 🙂

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