Wednesday Writer’s Corner – Book Release Day Ugh

You know what’s really strange? The feeling you get on release day.

One would think that after the effort and confusion of toiling over a story line, endless months of rewrites and revisions, editing, doubting everything including your writing abilities, correcting, changing, seeing all the red marks on the editor’s copy, more revisions, and tons and tons or proofreading, that one would feel a huge sense of accomplishment and anticipation. If nothing else, just a sense of satisfaction or relief that the project is finished.

But no…

I always feel like I just sent my kindergartner off to her first day of class without her lunch. I know she’s going to get on the wrong bus, the teacher won’t like her, and she’ll be picked on by the other kids.

It’s not a good feeling.

That being said…here’s my new release. Sigh. Pout. Whine. Fingers crossed.

Stuckey's cover_web

Also, today I’m leaving the country until August 1st – not because of the book – I actually have a job and am going to work. So, Stuckey, play nice with the other kids until I get home. I hope to see a good report card when I return.

“The Legend of Stuckey’s Bridge” is available in paperback and Kindle at Amazon HERE.

Here’s the video trailer:

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