Ancestry – or Why I’m So Jacked Up – Great Grandparents continued (dad’s side)

The first part of this blog was written on February 20, 2013. You can see it HERE if you wish. However, the most amazing thing happened this week. I just received a photo in the mail from my cousin. It is my paternal great grandparents!!! I have a picture of her, but I have NEVER seen him before. He was quite dapper, no? 🙂 This is Amos and Minnie Crane and three of their six children, from left to right: Horace, Evelyn, and my grandfather Frank. The photo must be around 1912. Evelyn was born Oct 1910.

Amos Crane and Minnie White with Horace, Minnie Ellen, and Frank

Amos Bolivar Crane and Mary Elizabeth “Minnie” White married in Mississippi on August 10, 1902. He was twenty and she was seventeen. In 1903, they had their first child, Andrew Frank Crane (my grandfather), followed by Horace, Evelyn, Amos Jr, Thomas Jackson (Tommy), and finally, Minnie Ellen in 1918. They lived in Lauderdale County, Mississippi throughout most of their marriage except for a brief stint in Gulfport, Mississippi in the 1950s. He died in 1959 and she followed in 1964. Since I was born in 1962, I probably met her, but I don’t remember, and there is no one left to ask.

They are buried at McGowan Chapel Cemetery in Harmony, Mississippi. I took these photos in September 2012, and a cousin told me I drove right by their house on the way to the cemetery. There were only a couple houses there, but I don’t know which one was theirs. RIP great grandma and grandpa.

crane amos bolivar

white mary elizabeth minnie white crane

2 responses to “Ancestry – or Why I’m So Jacked Up – Great Grandparents continued (dad’s side)

    • Yes, Jenn, lucky indeed. I didn’t have any family photos growing up, especially on dad’s side because they divorced when I was two and mom didn’t keep anything, but I’m finding them little by little. Thanks for stopping by.

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