Wednesday Writer’s Corner – August 14, 2013

Virtual Book Tours! YAY!!


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Even if you’re published, publishers don’t support book tours anymore. So, a writer is left with two options: 1) schedule events and signings yourself or 2) do a virtual tour. Either way is a lot of work, but the virtual tour is far less expensive. I’m putting together a November tour for my coming release “Elly Hays,” so I’ve been doing tons of research and organizing it myself. I decided to do a fall tour because I notice a huge spike in sales following holidays. I assume it’s because of word-of-mouth at family gatherings, so I want to get the book in a lot of reader’s hands before Thanksgiving. That’s my theory anyway.

So, here’s what I’ve learned about Virtual Book Tours:

Preparedness, Organization, and Communication are the most important points.

Prepare all of your blogs, interviews, excerpts, links, media kits, photos, etc., far in advance.

Organize your items in folders on your computer, along with host information, schedule, etc. You need this all in one place. Excel spread sheet, anyone?

Communication with your hosts is key. Make a folder to keep all correspondence. Invitation, Follow up, Confirmation, Reminder, and Final Thank You.

I guess the next step is to be WAY ahead of yourself. Give yourself at least two months to plan.

Set up an account to do a giveaway. Rafflecopter is awesome.

Consider offering an end-of-tour Twitter Chat on one day for one hour with a specific hashtag. Announce it throughout the tour.

Have some crafty photo-shop-type person make you a banner.

Promote Promote Promote before during and after!!!!!

As I mentioned before, I’m setting up a tour for November 4-16. If you have room for me on your blog, please let me know, and I’ll put together whatever type of post you’d like to feature. Email me at and we’ll choose a date and content. If you’d like to do a review, I can supply you with a free paperback, Kindle, or Nook.

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