Awesome Goat-iness

I just can’t stand it anymore. I had to compile these mash-ups on one page. Warning: Don’t drink anything while you’re watching these videos. You’ll end up with milk coming out your nose. Note: most of these animals are not goats, but actually sheep. Whatev!

“Let it Goat” from Frozen

“I Knew You Were a Goat” – Taylor Swift

And finally, the Top 5 Goat Songs


4 responses to “Awesome Goat-iness

  1. That’s pretty bad.

    What do you call a redneck who owns 6 goats? A pimp.

    I like the Frozen movie because******SPOILER ALERT*******the prince doesn’t get the princess; instead, she wises up and lets her BFF save her.

    • Haha on the joke, and haha on the spoiler. I haven’t seen it yet. Maybe someday I’ll sit down for more than 2 seconds and watch it.
      Hey, I got Red Clay and Roses but haven’t had a minute to open it. Looking forward to it though.

      • It will shatter your illusions of a quaint southern town with little old ladies sitting on the front porch swing sipping mint juleps. Changing times. Hope you can enjoy.

        I want to get to Stuckey’s Bridge before Stuckey’s Legacy comes out! My husband is sitting on I-75 clear across the state with a trailer on back of the truck tonight and a busted transmission trying to get a tow for a 2500 Dodge Ram so now would probably be a good time to get some reading done. 🙂

        • I was born and raised in Meridian, MS, so there’s not much illusion in my mind. 🙂
          I’m gonna start Red Clay tonight. I’m fried and am ready to crawl in bed and read.
          I hope your hubby gets home eventually.

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