It’s Monday! What are you reading?

2a2It’s Monday! What are you reading?

I just finished “Firefly Hollow” by TL Haddix.

firefly hollow jpegWhat a sweet story this was! The characters were rich and compelling, the setting was beautiful, and the story was magical.

Set in the mid 1950s, Sarah lives in Kentucky, a place called Firefly Hollow. As a teenager, she trespasses onto her neighbor’s property and discovers a pond where she likes to be alone and reflect. The owner of the property, Owen, admires her beauty from afar, but doesn’t want her getting too close and learning his secrets. As the years pass, the two find themselves thrown together as young adults and they quickly fall in love. His secrets almost destroy them, but eventually he trusts her enough to let her in on his family heritage. There are adult situations, violence, and sex in this book.

Filled with Appalachian folklore, Firefly Hollow is a magical romance.

Check out her website HERE and her books on Amazon HERE.

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