On This Day in 1828

On This Day in 1828, my 3rd great grandpa Jeremiah William Crane Jr was born.

He was born March 17 to Jeremiah William Crane Sr and Mary “Polly” Weldon in Alabama. He was the last of eight children who were born between 1798 and 1828. And, yes, they were celebrating St Patrick’s day around the world on that day. Places like New York and Boston were already hosting parades.

But, I stray from the story…

ted-states-1812-05-1812-06.pngDuring the turn of the century in Alabama, the Creek Indians were in the middle of a civil war, as well as fighting off the white men who were encroaching on Indian territory. The War of 1812 in the North was a fight between the British and the Americans, battling over waterways and trade routes. The War of 1812 in the South was between the Americans trying to expand their newly formed nation and the Indians who were armed by the British. The Mississippi Militia was formed across the Mississippi Territory to battle the Indians. At the time the Mississippi Territory encompassed all of Mississippi and Alabama. Alabama didn’t become a state until 1819.

In 1830, the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek was signed and was the first step in the removal of the Indians from the area. The American government began selling parcels of land quickly to get the area settled, and people soon began moving west from Alabama into Mississippi. At the time of the treaty, Jeremiah was only two, but his family had certainly witnessed great war and great change before he came along. His father had actually enlisted and served in Carson’s Regiment in the Mississippi Militia in 1814, but he only served for two months.

I assume things in the area calmed down a bit by the time Jeremiah became a man. I don’t have an official record of his marriage, but he was married to Sarah Frances Grimes, who was about four years his senior. They had their first child, a daughter whom they named Francis, in Alabama in 1847. Jeremiah was 18.

The whole family moved across the border into Mississippi during the next year, and this is where Jeremiah and Sarah’s second daughter, Emily, was born in 1848. Their third child was a son, George William Crane, in 1850, and all were residents of Clarke County, Mississippi in the 1850 census.

In 1852, they had my 2nd great grandfather Andrew Jackson “Jack” Crane, and in 1856, a daughter, Jerry Elizabeth.

After the birth of Jerry Elizabeth, there are no further records of Jeremiah.

The 1860 census shows Sarah living alone with the children- Francis, Emily, GW, Jack, and Jerry, but there is no husband listed. Above and below their names on the census are many of Jeremiah’s brothers with wives and families, and Jeremiah’s parents. They are all listed as farmers. Next to Sarah’s name, the occupation space is blank.

I don’t know what happened to Jeremiah, but he died somewhere between the ages of 28 and 32. The 1860 census states his wife was now 36 and his children were between the ages of 4 and 13.

Whatever happened to him, I hope he’s resting in peace.

Happy birthday, Grandpa Jeremiah William Crane!


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2 responses to “On This Day in 1828

  1. Hey! I’ve read over this 100x…. Did you ever find out any more information on Jeremiah Crane? He is apparently my GGG grandfather. (His son George William is my grandmothers grandfather, her dad was russell crane).

    Also, do you happen to have anything on his father who is also named Jeremiah, who married mary “polly” weldon? I am at a dead end. I am doing this for my personal use…. any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    • Hi Kasey!
      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, Jeremiah was married to Mary Polly Weldon. He was born in Georgia in 1781, married Aug 12 1801, served in the War of 1812, serving in the MS Territory on Sep 15 1814, and sometime between 1815 and 1818 moved to Alabama. By 1840, according to the census, he was in Lauderdale Co MS, and by 1850 census in Clarke Co MS. He died in July of 1860 in Bever Dam, Clarke Co, MS at the age of 79.

      His children were:
      Elizabeth Betsy 1798-1862
      Lewis 1803-
      John 1809-
      Spencer Ford 1810-1880
      Jemima 1815-
      Catherine 1818-
      Solomon S 1820-1880
      Emmanuel J 1825-
      Jeremiah William Jr 1828-1915

      His parents were:
      Spencer Ford Crane Sr 1740 Pennsylvania – Apr 1830 Jasper Co, Georgia
      Elizabeth Barbour 1751 North Carolina – Sep1835 Jasper Co, Georgia

      I don’t know who Elizabeth’s parents were, but Spencer’s parents were:
      Sir William Crain II 1704 Ulster, Ireland – 1780 Pennsylvania
      and Lady Jean Kee Melton Early 1700s Northern Ireland – 1754 Pennsylvania
      They were married in Ireland in 1733 and started having children in Pennsylvania in 1734, though I haven’t found any immigration documents.

      I’m not positive that’s all correct, but it gives you something to research further. Let me know if you find anything good!!

      Take care and keep in touch,

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