Travel Tuesday – Bermuda

If you don’t know, I have two jobs. I’m an author and I’m a musician. The musician part takes place mostly on Norwegian Cruise Lines. Here’s my office…



Here’s my desk…

This month, I’ve been sailing back and forth between NY and Bermuda. This is one of my favorite runs because we get to stay in one place for three whole days. Over the years, I’ve made quite a few friends on the island. It’s a quaint place. It’s clean, the people are friendly, and the cops don’t even carry guns because there’s no crime.

There are two things I love about Bermuda. First – the beaches.



Second – the history. I always spend a day touring some old place. The first picture is St. Peter’s Church built in 1602. There’s a cemetery behind it filled with ancient headstones. The second picture is the National Museum at the Royal Navy Dockyard.



Back in the USA!

Hi everyone! I’ve miss you all so much and will hop around the next week and catch up. I have been working out of town for the last eight weeks and completely out of the country for the last five. I have one thing to say about the experience: Satellite Internet is for the birds!

So, now that I’m back, here are the highlights from my last eight weeks: I’ve been working on a ship and going back and forth to Bermuda which is a lovely place. I passed the Statue of Liberty a dozen times. I watched 4th of July fireworks from a UK territory (Thought that was funny!). I had chefs and housekeepers take care of me so much that I admit I’m lazy now and a few pounds heavier. I missed my pets and my trophy hubby more than words can say. I met amazing people from all over the world and now have new and fabulous friends who have invited me to wonderful places like Honolulu and Barcelona. I lost my luggage only once (Deltas fault, not mine). In my downtime, which was constant, I finished the rough draft of my next novel “Elly Hays” and hope to release it in October.

That’s about it. Here are photos:

Oh, look, there’s the Statue of Liberty…again

2013-06-23 05.07.21









My floating office









Bermuda’s Horseshoe Bay

2013-06-27 03.31.42









I visited a lot of historical sites. This is St. Peter’s Church in St. George, Bermuda. It was built in 1602.

2013-07-18 00.46.46

2013-07-18 00.49.32

…and the Maritime Museum at Heritage Wharf. Those stone walls don’t look that big, but they were over 20 feet high.

2013-06-26 22.32.43









My job










My desk

2013-07-24 07.40.43