She’s Baaaaccckkk!

10481883_10203752346040808_3404858305990932508_nHi everyone! I’ve been gone

for. ev. ver!

I’ve been sailing since the middle of September, and I’m so glad to be home, even if it’s only for a week. I’m headed to NY on Sunday for the next six weeks. I’ve spent the last nine weeks in Europe and took a few pictures….






10610830_10152660947323326_1592678349874496485_nHere’s where it all started…






Some pictures from Barcelona. The guy on the top of the pole is Christopher Columbus, and thank goodness, he was pointing to my ship.













10702163_10152675782863326_334878310078426967_nNext up was Corsica, but we didn’t stop. I only saw it from the Mediterranean.




10313707_10152737700838326_2673587486057984155_n10358568_10152667746103326_5181883343469354238_nI went to Naples six times. The mountain out there is Vesuvius. I kept my fingers crossed that she would remain sleeping every time I saw her.










I ventured to Rome. Made it to the Colloseum and the Forum, but I couldn’t see the Vatican up close. I saw it from the train a few times, but I was only there on Wednesdays, and the Pope speaks on Wednesday mornings. I just couldn’t take the crowds.


10382741_10152752730223326_3289685350957169671_nMade it to Livorno/Pisa/Tuscany/Florence area, but I had to work those nights, so I didn’t see much.






















Next up was the French Riviera. Cannes is where we docked, but all the cool little towns are right there…Monaco, Monte Carlo, St Tropez, Nice…such a beautiful place…with amazing quiche!







10672263_10152675783028326_4929563275863032242_nI went to another place in Spain…the island of Mallorca! So pretty. This was a cool little outcropping of an island called Dragonera.




10712741_10152767698358326_862094451764650218_nAfter going round and round in the Mediterranean for six weeks, I sailed through the Straights of Gibraltar. Here’s a picture of the Rock of Gibralter…at night! LOL!



10518694_10152771157333326_6782067331973551001_nSpent the day in Madiera, Portugal…not to be confused with Mierda. LOLOLOL!




10421437_10152780034073326_5914253893115798567_n10407469_10203750495754552_4545765016370718929_nA week in the middle of the Atlantic was fairly psychologically weird for me. I just tried to keep my mind off it.










I finally ended up in St. Maarten. The first land sighting in a week! Gives a whole new meaning to Land Ho!

Stopped off at St. Thomas, too…



10421211_10203912265398692_2936491076712944381_nAnd finally to Miami, where I caught the first plane home. Sigh! Glad to be home!!!

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